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Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett - A Boy Like That / I Had A Love (West Side Story)
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Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews: “A Boy Like That / I Had A Love” from West Side Story

Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall featured a massive medley of showtunes the spanned the turn of the century through 1962, when their concert took place. Most of the songs included just get a snipped. This is the only piece, the finale, where they sing an entire song. What’s amazing to me about it is that Carol starts it a little jokey, but they quickly get swept up in the drama of the song and do a really credible job with it.

The newly remastered digital issue of the album is spectacular. The sound might almost be too good - you can tell which bits were recorded live and which were later re-recorded in the studio. (Most of the singing comes from the studio, with pretty much only the banter captured live.)